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Origin and Meaning

Taoism (Daoism) is a traditional  Chinese philosophy , dating back to Laozi . It emphasizes living in harmony with nature by keeping inner peace of your mind . From this old philsophy , it also developed excellent way to keep good health and longevity of the life  by exercising the special breath and special way of relax of your mind and body .

Taoism Meditation  includes concentration ,mindfulness ,contemplation and visualization.


Taoism meditation  have lots of branches as well, what we will teach you the branch is  called Zhou Tian Ming Men Gong .(周天命门功)


2.Benefits of Meditation:

 . To increase the longevity

 . To reduce the chronic pain

 . To upgrade the  brain regions .

 . To end the depression and stress and anxiety and make more happy for your life.

 . To deliver super-deep,natural sleep to you.

 . To reduce high blood pressure  and lowers Cholesterol

 . To reduce Alzheimer.

 . To help to recover from post trauma and abuse.

3.What we will offer ?

We will offer  free courses to learn how to practise the Chinese Taoism meditation which would divide three stages by 8 sessions  in total.Each session is 1 hour online zoom course.

Stage 1 . Breathing  Exercise –6 dimension breath (2 sessions ), to reach soft long breath to improve your general health and reach longevity of the life. first week 

Stage 2. Peace and imagination exercise –main purpose is to reach  peaceful mind   and breath exercise mix together as well  (2 sessions). second week

Stage 3 . Relax exercises –whole body relax during meditation .(2 sessions) third week

Stage 4 .Practising all three different meditation exercises together in one . (2 sessions). fourth week .


We will limited into 6 persons maximum in one session  to maximum the benefit of learning for every individual person .We will use zoom to deliver online courses due to current social distance.

If you feel benefit from our course ,you are welcome to donate to our TaiChi Harmony Club .

4.Suggested reading list :

(1) <<Living the wisdom of tao ,change your thoughs ,change your life>> by Dr.Wayne Dyer 

(2)<<The Brian that changes itself >>by Norman doidge .M.d.

 (3)<<The illustrated Tao Te Ching: a new translation with commentary >> by Stephen hodge 


Im a university student, after practise this meditation, it helps me to concentrate of my studying a lot .



It helps me to keep happy mood and reduce my anxiety and sleep much better now after practising this meditation ,thank you very much!! 


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